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Apartment rental in Cannes

Live in a thriving seaside town by choosing to rent an apartment in Cannes. This city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region has more than 75,000 inhabitants and can be linked to Nice in 30 minutes by rail transport.

Location d'appartement à Cannes

The particularities of the city of Cannes

Cannes stands out from other municipalities in the Alpes-Maritimes by the hospitality of its inhabitants and its major tourist spots. It is a far cry from the image of this rural agglomeration where fishing boats landed and ran aground.

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Today, this city hosts sumptuous yachts, major glamorous events such as the Cannes Film Festival on the Croisette. It is home to unique tourist spots, splendid hotels and upscale boutiques.

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The criteria for choosing a good apartment in Cannes

Certain criteria may guide you in choosing the ideal accommodation. For your apartment rental in Cannes, you can opt for a studio or a large apartment depending on whether you are alone or with your family. Also take into account your income to make a good choice.

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The districts of the city differ according to the advantages they offer.

Are you used to noisy cities or are you rather the peaceful corners of paradise that melt your heart? We will have to take this into account. Everything you need to know about apartment rental in Cannes

Most of the homes on offer are second homes.

From the city center to other districts, the price varies enormously, do not hesitate to consult us to find the best value for money. Grandiose residences are also available in Cannes. If you are looking to rent a house, a villa , a penthouse, you need to plan. The price starts from 1000 € per night and some of the sumptuous residences can negotiate 5000 euros in upscale neighborhoods like California or the Croisette.

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Find the apartment you need by visiting our website

Renting an apartment in Cannes becomes easy by consulting our site. Indeed, you will find a tempting real estate offer there. Small apartments or studios near the big shops or the Palais des Festivals. Likewise, affordable rentals are available in certain areas of the city with a quiet and peaceful environment. For those who want the cream of the crop, treat yourself to Duplexes a stone's throw from the Croisette or sumptuous apartments in a luxury hotel.

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Thanks to our rich catalog , you will be informed about all the ranges

of accommodation available for apartment rental in Cannes.

Our site offers you an intuitive catalog with all the necessary information and easy to use to allow you to know the market well before setting down your suitcases.

All the information to rent in a setting that meets your expectations is there. Whether you are alone, with your family or want to rent for a fixed period, consider visiting this site.

A few clicks will suffice to make the perfect choice.

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